Radio BrendoMan #60 – A Series of Tangents

Phil and Brendo run the gauntlet of topics this time around.  They talk about wrestling, Safety Not Guaranteed, more college adventures, vacation plans, their Kickstarter, and so many other things.  There’s also the usual movie, books, and Nintendo Power talk.

Radio BrendoMan #59 – Fireworks Exit Rants

Phil and Brendo discuss crazy Disneyland pin traders and the dreaded fireworks exit, more fitness and dieting things, a whole lot of movies, and a lot of other stuff.  Three hours is the new two hours!

Radio BrendoMan #58 – Radio Pop Sickles

Phil and Brendo are joined by special guest Derick Armijo and they proceed to talk about all kinds of nostalgia and pop culture related topics for over three hours. These things include Looney Tunes, Monkey Trouble, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 90210, The Carrie Diaries, Batman, Steven Soderbergh, Spike Lee, and so many other things. Some would say too many, but we disagree. They also talk about their Kickstarter to make Radio BrendoMan shirts!

Radio BrendoMan #57 – You’ve Got Brendo

Phil and Brendo really go on some tangents and don’t make it past the reader mail section.  Seriously.  During that time Brendo and Phil argue about Epic Mickey, discuss issues pertaining to fats, talk about their upcoming Kickstarter, and lots of other random things.  Oh, they also play the BMAS hidden track because Adam Wells found it.  Great job!

Radio BrendoMan #56 – The Big Announcement!

Phil and Brendo talk about their big announcement as well as Monkey Trouble, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the BMAS Challenge, and more.  They also answer tons of reader mail and discuss the usual Nintendo Power issue.  Get excited and make things!

Radio BrendoMan #55 – A Good Day to Talk About Die Hard

Phil and Brendo talk for almost three hours about Die Hard, The Queen of Versailles, getting excited and making things, 90’s music, and tons of other stuff.  They also finally do the Nintendo Power segment again!

Radio BrendoMan #54 – We Finally Play Fireball Island and the Apocalypse Didn’t Happen

Here it is!  The first hour or so of this episode is us playing Fireball Island!  We also answer reader mail while doing that and then we talk about things like Pootie Tang, wrestling, belt mishaps, child celebrities, and a bunch of other stuff.

Radio BrendoMan #53 – PHIL BUY A NEW TV

Phil and Brendo talk about Phil’s refusal to leave the CRT behind, fitness plans, more college stories, and many more things.  So many more things.  If you have nearly 3 hours to kill, you’re really going to like this episode.  If you don’t, just listen in chunks.  That’s why podcasts are so great!

Radio BrendoMan #52 – End of the Year Special Thing

Phil and Brendo recorded another episode while Phil was at Brendo’s place.  It was pretty late.  They take questions from the live chat which leads to discussions about their favorite stuff of 2012, all the stuff they did when they were in college besides going to class, how to live like a hobo and have fun doing it, and other fun things like that.  Happy New Year!

Radio BrendoMan #51 – The Couchcast

Phil and Brendo were supposed to play Fireball Island for this special episode recorded at Brendo’s place but they don’t.  Phil explains why.  They also talk about The Hobbit, Starcrash, Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, Arrested Development, trampolines, and other festive things.  Merry Christmas everyone!