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Radio BrendoMan #123 – Hot! Too Hot!

Phil and Brendo lament the recent heatwave and fires in the area.  They also discuss the Sea World controversy, job suckage, the Vesper Holly series, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and tons more.  Check it out!

Radio BrendoMan #120 – Poop Mountain Rides Again

Phil and Brendo bring up the infamous Hoarders episode yet again as they discuss a large amount of TV and movies.  They also talk about video games, the E.T. discovery, books, and lots more.  If you dig the show, be sure to review and rate us on iTunes!  Thanks!

Radio BrendoMan #118 – Welcome Back Brendo

Brendo is back from vacation and he and Phil discuss his trip to New Orleans, Wrestlemania 30, and lots more.  They also catch up on movies and books.

Radio BrendoMan #114 – Tax Talk

Phil and Brendo talk about taxes because why not.  They also talk about Vesper Holly books, spider bites, life altering TV shows, Disneyland, and more.  Rate it, review it, and spread the word!