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Radio BrendoMan #142 – Transient Talk

Phil and Brendo swap homeless tips as they discuss Brendo’s current living situation.  They also talk about spooky dreams, Doomsday Preppers, and lots of video games.  Sorry this episode is late, it almost got lost but Phil was able to fix it.  Yay Phil!

Radio BrendoMan #140 – Goodbye BrendoMansion

Phil and Brendo record live from the BrendoMansion #3 for the last time.  They discuss Surge, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Bob’s Burgers, and lots more.  Thanks for listening!

Radio BrendoMan #139 – Sunday Night Smackdown

Phil and Brendo discuss hotel living, baseball cards, Boyhood, the MacDonald Hall books, wrestling, and lots more.  They also answer some reader mail and talk quite a bit about video games!

Radio BrendoMan #136 – What’s My Line?

Phil and Brendo discuss the pending heatwave, Phil’s game show obsession, music trends, 3DS games, and lots more.  They also answer some reader mail and discuss the usual books, movies, and TV.  Enjoy!

Radio BrendoMan #126 – Answer the Phone, Brendo!

Phil and Brendo discuss Phil’s weekend adventures while Brendo ignores his work phone.  They also discuss the news coming out of E3, the latest Book Club book A Tangle of Knots, Orange is the New Black, Tomodachi Life, and lots more!