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Radio BrendoMan #373 – Unmissing Person Chapter 3: Boxing Day

Brendo and Carson come back to the present to talk about packing up Brendo’s apartment and moving to Portland in a U-Haul. Trigger warning: This episode contains a frank discussion about depression and suicide. Thanks for listening and tell your friends!

Radio BrendoMan #315 – Professor Prime

Phil is on vacation but he and Brendo prepared and recorded a bunch of stuff beforehand.  They talk about Phil’s freezing vacation, the hot Yucaipa weather, packing strategies, a Radio BrendoMan TV show, Brendo’s excitement for his WrestleMania trip, a mouse hunt update, the Damn Daniel guy on Alex P. Keaton Is My Friend, Phil’s commercial voice, Amazon stuff, video games, and more.  Thanks for listening and tell your friends!