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Radio BrendoMan #180 – Best and Worst Plumber Ever

Phil and Brendo talk about Phil’s plumbing near-disaster, Brendo’s first week of work, making the most of your free time, Terry Gilliam, secret menus, scary stuff, high school hijinks, The Day The Clown Cried, and tons more.  All that and another look back at Nintendo Power!  Thanks for listening!

Radio BrendoMan #159 – Can’t Buy Me Brendo

Phil and Brendo are back from a busy weekend.  They discuss Long Beach Comic Expo, M. Night Shyamalan, bullies, cliques, Back to the Future, Pokemon Shuffle, Parks & Recreation, and tons more.  They also answer tons of mail and recap a Nintendo Power!

Radio BrendoMan #133 – It’s Been So Long

Phil and Brendo discuss all the happenings in the three days since they last recorded.  They talk quite a bit about video games including a Nintendo Power as well as a pretty crazy tangent about baseball cards.  Thanks for listening!

Radio BrendoMan #109 – Fester’s Best

Phil and Brendo talk about Coen brothers movies, Veronica Mars, Brendo’s upcoming New Orleans trip, and much more.  Phil also argues with Josh in the chat about the merits of Fester’s Quest and the guys read the 50th issue of Nintendo Power!

Radio BrendoMan #90 – Phil and Brendo’s Amazing Stories

Phil and Brendo celebrate the beginning of Halloween season by sharing some spooky tales involving dead bodies, strange roads, and other weird stuff.  They also answer a whole bunch of reader mail and Brendo goes on another geek rant.  All this plus the 1991 Nintendo Power awards and lots more!

Radio BrendoMan #84 – Munchie is the Sequel to Munchies

Phil and Brendo talk about all the movies they’ve been watching, video games they’ve been playing, and other things they’ve been doing.  They’ve been pretty busy guys!

Radio BrendoMan #74 – Power Players

Brendo and Phil discuss the new Arrested Development episodes, local pow wows, zines, Fast & Furious 6 and tons of other stuff.  They also take a look back at a pretty amazing issue of Nintendo Power and some other things happen.

Radio BrendoMan #62 – Kickstarted

Phil and Brendo celebrate the success of the T-shirt Kickstarter and also discuss the 90’s console wars, Brendo’s new wrestling podcast (coming soon), Primer, and lots more.  Since Brendo was feeling a little sick, they only go for two and a half hours this time.  Sorry if you’re disappointed.

Radio BrendoMan #60 – A Series of Tangents

Phil and Brendo run the gauntlet of topics this time around.  They talk about wrestling, Safety Not Guaranteed, more college adventures, vacation plans, their Kickstarter, and so many other things.  There’s also the usual movie, books, and Nintendo Power talk.

Radio BrendoMan #50 – Shortest Episode Ever

Phil is in a big hurry so he manages to accomplish what Brendo can never do: end the episode in less than two hours.  Good job Phil!  Even though the episode is shorter than usual the guys manage to answer a bunch of reader mail and talk about The Hobbit, Storage Wars, and a bunch of other things.