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Radio BrendoMan #373 – Unmissing Person Chapter 3: Boxing Day

Brendo and Carson come back to the present to talk about packing up Brendo’s apartment and moving to Portland in a U-Haul. Trigger warning: This episode contains a frank discussion about depression and suicide. Thanks for listening and tell your friends!

Radio BrendoMan #141 – Bad Mood Brendo

Brendo is in a bit of a mood but is quickly cheered up as he and Phil discuss switchblade accidents, Surge restocks, Halloween episodes, Supermarket Sweep, Doomsday Preppers, and lots more.  By lots more we mean video games.

Radio BrendoMan #41 – It’s All Happening

Phil and Brendo discuss Brendo’s new job and upcoming move.  They also talk about compost, The Godfather, World of Warcraft, and answer live audience questions. They also introduce a Nintendo Power contest so be sure to listen for details on how to enter!