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Radio BrendoMan #202 – Back in the U.S.A. (Originally Recorded 6/8/05)

Phil is wrapping up his vacation so Brendo takes a few minutes to pay tribute to the late David Bowie and then plays a classic episode from June of 2005.  This was Brendo’s first episode recorded after returning to California from Harbin, China.  He is joined by Danny and they talk mostly about tech stuff.  There’s also music from Cold War Kids and Great Glass Elevator.  Thanks for listening!

Radio BrendoMan #25 – Skype Roundtable (Originally Recorded 11/13/04)

Phil is still on vacation but don’t worry, he’ll be back next week.  For now listen to another classic episode recorded in Harbin, China back in 2004.  Highlights: Software Upgrades, Skype conference call with the crew, Luis, and more. 

Radio BrendoMan #10 – More Star Wars Flip-Flopping (Originally Recorded 11/7/04)

China Stories, Sara on the election, Music from the Valets, and Danny’s Linux Minute. Rate and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by going here

Radio BrendoMan #8 – Enter the Gringo (Originally Recorded 10/31/04)

Gringo takes over, Danny talks some Linux, Britney is scary and other random things.  Please remember that many of the URLs mentioned in this podcast don’t exist anymore. Rate and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by going here.

Radio BrendoMan # 2 – Star Wars and Flip-Flopping (Originally Recorded 10/12/04)

Brendo discusses some of his recent DVDs he purchased from his friendly neighborhood vendor in Harbin as well as some other various news.  Danny chimes in with the inaugural Linux Minute.