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Radio BrendoMan #66 – Four Hours?!

Well, we went and did it.  Adam Wells joins Phil and Brendo this week and together they did a four hour podcast.  It’s all kind of a blur to me now but I know Brendo and Adam argued about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter and then they did some reader mail.  I’m not too sure what happened after that but at some point Phil and Brendo talked about the Wayside School books they are reading for the book club and some movies and other things.  Enjoy and tell your friends!

Radio BrendoMan #61 – Blame the Chat

Phil and Brendo record their longest episode to date, mostly due to the insightful comments and questions in the chat causing us to not get to Reader Mail until 40 minutes into the show.  It just gets better from there.  I can’t even remember everything we talked about but I assure you, it’s pretty darn entertaining.  Thanks for listening and don’t forget to check out our Kickstarter!

Radio BrendoMan #60 – A Series of Tangents

Phil and Brendo run the gauntlet of topics this time around.  They talk about wrestling, Safety Not Guaranteed, more college adventures, vacation plans, their Kickstarter, and so many other things.  There’s also the usual movie, books, and Nintendo Power talk.

Radio BrendoMan #58 – Radio Pop Sickles

Phil and Brendo are joined by special guest Derick Armijo and they proceed to talk about all kinds of nostalgia and pop culture related topics for over three hours. These things include Looney Tunes, Monkey Trouble, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 90210, The Carrie Diaries, Batman, Steven Soderbergh, Spike Lee, and so many other things. Some would say too many, but we disagree. They also talk about their Kickstarter to make Radio BrendoMan shirts!

Radio BrendoMan #57 – You’ve Got Brendo

Phil and Brendo really go on some tangents and don’t make it past the reader mail section.  Seriously.  During that time Brendo and Phil argue about Epic Mickey, discuss issues pertaining to fats, talk about their upcoming Kickstarter, and lots of other random things.  Oh, they also play the BMAS hidden track because Adam Wells found it.  Great job!

Radio BrendoMan #19 – Brendo Smash Blizzard!

Brendo and Phil do some more Movie Detective work, reminisce about Unsolved Mysteries, and Brendo rages a bit about Blizzard and their fanboys.  They also talk about a lot of different movies and other random things for way too long.  Rate and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by going here.

Radio Brendoman #11 – Back in Action

Brendo welcomes co-host Phil Vecchio as they record the first new Radio BrendoMan in nearly 5 years!  The guys discuss all kind of things including their various creative endeavors, fat people problems, cool band Kickstarters, and assorted things that make them mad.  Rate and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by going here