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Radio BrendoMan #5 – Putting the Geek in Harbin (Originally Recorded 10/21/04)

Brendo surprisingly talks some more about sports and some other more geeky stuff.  There are also segments from Danny, Wil Wheaton, and Jim Bob.  Please note that many of the URLs mentioned in this podcast no longer exist.  Some do though.  Try them all, it’s like a mini-game.  You can review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by going here.

Radio BrendoMan #4 – Lord of the Brendo (Originally Recorded 10/18/04)

Brendo kicks off this podcast with a preview of the upcoming Lord of the Rings Extended Edition.  He also discusses some new movies, his newfound love for Six Feet Under, and (gasp!) some sports news.  Also includes segments from Honzo, Jim Bob, and Wil Wheaton.  You can rate and subscribe to the show on iTunes here!