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Radio BrendoMan #120 – Poop Mountain Rides Again

Phil and Brendo bring up the infamous Hoarders episode yet again as they discuss a large amount of TV and movies.  They also talk about video games, the E.T. discovery, books, and lots more.  If you dig the show, be sure to review and rate us on iTunes!  Thanks!

Radio BrendoMan #104 – Escape From Poop Mountain

Phil and Brendo celebrate the last episode of 2013 by talking about Hoarders again as Phil has apparently seen something more gross than Poop Mountain.  They also recall junior high horrors and discuss Phil’s recent absent mindedness regarding his backpack.  Happy New Year!

Radio BrendoMan #102 – Return to Poop Mountain

Phil and Brendo discuss poop mountain again now that Brendo has seen it.  They also discuss Half Upon a Time, the ongoing Cat/Gopher wars, Blue Christmas, and lots of other fun things!

Radio BrendoMan #101 – Poop Mountain

Phil and Brendo discuss the most disgusting thing ever shown on Hoarders, live music vs. albums, and the usual movies, books, and video game talk.  There’s also Nintendo Power with some video game ideas and life advice from Coach!