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Radio BrendoMan #374 – Unmissing Person Chapter 4: The Nudie Bin

Brendo and Carson travel back to 1997 to a pivotal event in their high school lives, an event that would land them both back in therapy. Trigger warning: This episode contains a frank discussion about depression and suicide. Thanks for listening and tell your friends!

Radio BrendoMan #298 – Back Massage

Phil and Brendo talk about the crazy storms that happened, high school reunions, Phil’s grab bag CD’s, homemade soda, Chuck Taylors, awkward Amazon stuff, and more.  They also open some Rock Cards since that is a thing now.  Thanks for listening and tell your friends!

Radio BrendoMan #159 – Can’t Buy Me Brendo

Phil and Brendo are back from a busy weekend.  They discuss Long Beach Comic Expo, M. Night Shyamalan, bullies, cliques, Back to the Future, Pokemon Shuffle, Parks & Recreation, and tons more.  They also answer tons of mail and recap a Nintendo Power!