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Radio BrendoMan #3 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Originally Recorded 10/15/04)

Things are getting chilly in Harbin and Brendo continues to warm his heart with DVDs.  Danny joins in some more as well as some new music.  Be advised that many URLs mentioned in the show no longer work.  You can now subscribe to Radio BrendoMan on iTunes by clicking here!

Radio BrendoMan # 2 – Star Wars and Flip-Flopping (Originally Recorded 10/12/04)

Brendo discusses some of his recent DVDs he purchased from his friendly neighborhood vendor in Harbin as well as some other various news.  Danny chimes in with the inaugural Linux Minute.

Radio Brendoman #1 – Hello From China (Originally recorded 10/8/04)

In this episode, Brendo dives into the world of podcasting.  At the time, this was kind of a big deal since not too many folks were doing it.  Also, he was living in Harbin, China at the time and hadn’t figured out how to get other people on the show.  That will come later.  For now, enjoy Brendo talking to himself for 31 minutes.  Please note that many of the links Brendo mentions in the podcast don’t work anymore.