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Hangout Tonight!

Phil got his shoelaces tied so we are back on our normal schedule.  We’ll be recording tonight at 9:30 PM Pacific Time.  Hangout link will be posted then, blah blah blah, you know the drill.  Hit us up with your Nostalgia Detective cases, questions, comments, and other stuff before then.

Radio BrendoMan #33 – Summer’s Over

Phil laments the end of his summer vacation and Brendo can’t stop giving him a hard time about it.  They also discuss Collection Intervention, answer your questions, talk about proper hand washing techniques, as well as another look at Nintendo Power of yore.  Listen and enjoy!

Your Usual Hangout Reminder

We will be doing our usual hangout tonight at around 9:30 PM Pacific.  I say around because Phil will probably be late.  We’ll post the meeting link then.  In the meantime, be sure to turn in your questions, comments, movie detective cases, and whatever else you want to let us know!