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Recording Tonight!

We are recording tonight and will do another Google Hangout.  We’ll post the link to join that once it is up.  It’s probably going to be around 10:30 PM PST.  Phil and Brendo will be discussing all things Comic-Con in additional to the usual stuff.  This is your last chance to send in any questions or Movie Detective cases!

Recording Today!

Happy 4th of July for all our U.S. listeners and, uh, happy 4th of July for the rest of our listeners as well!  We will be recording around 1 PM PST today and will be doing a Google Hangout.  We will be posting the link to join the hangout once we’re all set to go.  You will also be able to stream the recording on Youtube here but there were some technical difficulties with that last time so be advised.  In the meantime, hit us up with any questions, comments, or Movie Detective cases you might have!

Radio BrendoMan #23 – Stop Looking at the Chat

Phil and Brendo host their first Google Hangout while recording the episode and it ends up being pretty cool.  They talk about getting jumped, Christmas Island, Nintendo Power, and, of course, Storage Wars.  There’s some other stuff too.