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Radio BrendoMan #334 – Body Back Buddy

It’s a little late because Phil was taking advantage of Memorial Day yard sales.  He and Brendo also talk about puzzles, Woolworths, stickers, baseball cards, the potential laptop ban on international flights, Marc Bolton’s crazy vacation story, potential new fads, The Super Mario Bros Minute, Amazon stuff, tactical knives, and more.  Thanks for listening and tell your friends!

Radio BrendoMan #139 – Sunday Night Smackdown

Phil and Brendo discuss hotel living, baseball cards, Boyhood, the MacDonald Hall books, wrestling, and lots more.  They also answer some reader mail and talk quite a bit about video games!

Radio BrendoMan #133 – It’s Been So Long

Phil and Brendo discuss all the happenings in the three days since they last recorded.  They talk quite a bit about video games including a Nintendo Power as well as a pretty crazy tangent about baseball cards.  Thanks for listening!