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Radio BrendoMan #61 – Blame the Chat

Phil and Brendo record their longest episode to date, mostly due to the insightful comments and questions in the chat causing us to not get to Reader Mail until 40 minutes into the show.  It just gets better from there.  I can’t even remember everything we talked about but I assure you, it’s pretty darn entertaining.  Thanks for listening and don’t forget to check out our Kickstarter!

Radio BrendoMan #57 – You’ve Got Brendo

Phil and Brendo really go on some tangents and don’t make it past the reader mail section.  Seriously.  During that time Brendo and Phil argue about Epic Mickey, discuss issues pertaining to fats, talk about their upcoming Kickstarter, and lots of other random things.  Oh, they also play the BMAS hidden track because Adam Wells found it.  Great job!

Radio BrendoMan #56 – The Big Announcement!

Phil and Brendo talk about their big announcement as well as Monkey Trouble, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the BMAS Challenge, and more.  They also answer tons of reader mail and discuss the usual Nintendo Power issue.  Get excited and make things!

Radio BrendoMan #39 – Family Shenanigans

Brendo and Phil discuss Brendan’s recent family vacation antics as well as all the books, movies, and video games they’ve been consuming.  They also answer a ton of mail and run through a classic Nintendo Power.  Dig it!

Recording Tonight! Send in Your Questions!

Brendo is back from a crazy week of touristy things with his family and he was so busy he didn’t get to record with his brother.  However, Phil and Brendo will be doing their usual recording tonight at around 9:30 PM Pacific Time. We will post the link when we’re live.  In the meantime, send in your questions, comments, Nostalgia Detective cases, and all that other stuff.  See you tonight!

Radio BrendoMan #25 – Skype Roundtable (Originally Recorded 11/13/04)

Phil is still on vacation but don’t worry, he’ll be back next week.  For now listen to another classic episode recorded in Harbin, China back in 2004.  Highlights: Software Upgrades, Skype conference call with the crew, Luis, and more.