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Radio BrendoMan #214 – Turn Back The Clock

Phil and Brendo discuss Radio BrendoMan #1 in this special episode.  This is not a real commentary because we realized that wouldn’t really work.  So you can just listen to this like a normal episode and hear us talking about Brendo’s first podcast and one of the first podcasts ever, period.  We also listen to the original BrendoMan All-Stars recordings and talk about those.  Thanks for listening!

Radio BrendoMan #38 – David Gross? (Originally Recorded 11/20/04)

Brendo’s family is visiting so he is a little busy.  That means you get this Classic Radio BrendoMan episode from November 20th, 2004.  Brendo talks about sports which is kind of weird and he also doesn’t seem to know the name of a particular famous comedian.  There is also some music, so that’s neat.  Phil and Brendo will record this weekend, hopefully with Brendo’s brother Carson so send in your questions for him.

Radio Brendoman #1 – Hello From China (Originally recorded 10/8/04)

In this episode, Brendo dives into the world of podcasting.  At the time, this was kind of a big deal since not too many folks were doing it.  Also, he was living in Harbin, China at the time and hadn’t figured out how to get other people on the show.  That will come later.  For now, enjoy Brendo talking to himself for 31 minutes.  Please note that many of the links Brendo mentions in the podcast don’t work anymore.