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Reminder – No Hangout This Week

Phil and Brendo are going to be out of town so they are recording a special episode sometime this weekend and it will most likely be up on Monday.  This will give you a chance to catch up on all those awesome episodes you may have missed and check out some of the other shows on the Benview Network!

Phil’s Book- Chapter 1

Hey guys,

If you’ve been listening to the last couple episodes, you may have heard Phil mention the book he wrote in 6th grade.  Well, at the link below you’ll find chapter one of his first epic attempt at novel writing.  This was written in 1988, and the text is presented as is, with no edits or additions made.  Check back next week for chapter two.
We’re posting this to remind you that everyone has to start somewhere, so get out there and create something today!

Recording on Saturday This Week!

Phil is on vacation so Brendo will be joined by TWO mystery guest co-hosts this week. Due to this we will be recording on Saturday instead of Friday but we’ll still be at the usual time. That time is 10 PM Pacific. The link to the Hangout will be posted when we are live. Be there!


Announcing the BMAS Challenge