This is a podcast. What is a podcast? It is like a radio show or something. Brendo likes to talk a lot. He started recording himself talking when he was living in China in 2004 and he put it on the internet and for some reason people liked it. He then invited some of his friends from his website, brendoman.com, to join him. Then he stopped for awhile. Then he joined the Smodcast.com show Bagged & Boarded as a co-host and he liked doing that a lot. Then he and Derick Armijo got their own show called Pop Sickles. That was cool too but Brendo always wanted to do a show with his best friend Phil. So he brought back Radio BrendoMan and now you are here reading this when you should be listening to the show. So go do that. Thanks.

About the hosts

Brendan Creecy, AKA BrendoMan, was born in La Jolla, California on a cool June evening in 1980. He grew up in North County San Diego and at an early age developed a love for popular culture as well as super geeky things like board games, computers, books, and stuff like that. Growing up during the height of Hulkamania, he also has a life long love of professional wrestling that he just can’t seem to shake. Since meeting his best friend, Phil Vecchio, at Biola University when he was 18, he and Phil have embarked on a series of creative endeavors that are slowly becoming more and more cohesive and successful. They still haven’t really made any money off of any of these things but they enjoy them immensely so they really don’t care. These include a small record label, pop.vox.music, which Phil started with his roommate Matt Maust (of Cold War Kids fame) in 1999. Brendo helped Phil immensely with the label at this time and Phil taught Brendo a whole lot about the music business and music in general. Brendo, Phil, and some of their other friends also ran the college radio station during these years and that gave them a love for broadcasting and entertaining others.

When Brendo went away to the Midwest in 2000, he and Phil continued their friendship thanks to the internet and a few visits whenever Brendo could get away from the hustle and bustle of life in Wisconsin and Missouri. They performed a few shows together as The BrendoMan All-Stars during these visits and Brendo helped with the pop.vox.music website and other creative input as he could. In 2005 Brendo returned to California for good and became an executive producer and co-owner or something of pop.vox.music, helping Phil with every release since then. They started their webcomic, Brax the Alien Rocker in 2008 and have worked on a multitude of other projects since then, culminating in the return of Radio BrendoMan in its current form as you are hopefully enjoying it today.

Phil Vecchio, AKA Philip Vecchio, was born somewhere in California, Brendo isn’t sure where but he grew up mostly in Big Bear, the place you may have gone skiing some time if you lived in California. Yes, people do live there year round and Phil and his family are some of those people. He developed a love of music at a young age and by the time he was in high school he was promoting concerts in the greater San Bernardino area. He went to college at Biola University in La Mirada where he met his future wife Janelle and his best friend Brendo along with some other cool people. As I already told you, he and his roommate Matt started a record label, blah blah blah, you’ve read this already, and that’s how that all started. Phil graduated in 2001 I think, married Janelle in 2003, and now lives in Yucaipa and spends his time raising his two kids and taking care of his orchard, which is a real thing. He loves Lego, Monty Python, detective stories, old young adult books, and too many other things to recount here. He’s a good dude.