Radio BrendoMan #340 – Brendo Fears

Summer is in high gear and Derick and Brendo are here to help you enjoy it!  They talk about E.T., childhood and adult fears, Brendo’s birthday, Phil’s tour bus in Italy, a Phil Fact, Tom Petty, Wonder Woman, UHF, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller leaving the Han Solo movie, horror movies, the Russell Brand incident, and more.  Thanks for listening and tell your friends!

1 thought on “Radio BrendoMan #340 – Brendo Fears

  1. Jeri Price

    Brendan, Get Out is not scary. There are like 2 moments of loud music/sudden movement, but otherwise, it is not scary, and is actually INCREDIBLY SLOW. It takes so long to get moving and then the payoff isn’t that surprising or satisfying.


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