Radio BrendoMan #97 – No Sexy Time

Phil and Brendo are joined by special guest Janelle Vecchio.  Yep, Phil’s wife is on the show!  It’s pretty awesome.  She tells some great Phil and Brendo stories.  They also talk about A Band Called Death, The Code of Claw, and some other movies and books.  Also, we are doing a gift exchange so listen for details on that and sign up!

1 thought on “Radio BrendoMan #97 – No Sexy Time

  1. brendomaniac

    This is an eye opening episode. Thanks to Janelle we get an insight into the dark side of Mr. Vecchio. He comes across on Radio Brendoman as a easy going, god loving, super nice guy but there is more to him. He is capable of ridiculous stinginess, hording, condescension and evil in general. Really interesting stuff.


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