Last Chance for Nintendo Power Contest Entries!

We are recording tonight at 10 PM PST and if you want to enter our Nintendo Power letter contest, you must send us your entry by then.  You can do that by clicking the Ask a Question link on the site, email, or facebook message.  In case you forgot,  the objective is to write a letter in the style of one of three classic Nintendo Power letters.  Here are the categories:

Liar’s Corner – Brag about high scores, games you beat, etc.

Parent boasting – Brag about how great your kid is at Nintendo.

Nintendo Hardware Miracles – Stories about your NES, Gameboy, or games that survived insane calamities.  

We will name a winner for each category and the winners will receive a Brax sticker pack.  If the winning entry is super great, they will receive a CD from!  We are also awarding honorable mentions to rap or poem entries.

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